The Power of Green Tea in Skincare | W3LL PEOPLE

Health gurus have been singing the praises of drinking green tea for years now. Guzzle it down and get glowing! While many of us have seen the benefit of incorporating a cup of green tea into our morning routine, did you know that there are also benefits to using skincare that incorporate Green Tea as an active ingredient?

As an ingredient in skincare, green tea has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can clear up redness and reduce puffiness. The active ingredients in green tea have also been known to prevent collagen breakdown and reduce UV damage to skin. Our very own board-certified dermatologist and co-founder, Renee Snyder, in a interview with Women’s Health noted that  it is the catechins (antioxidants that may prevent cell damage) in green tea that help in decreasing inflammation associated with aging, as well as protect against sunburns and potentially long-term UV damage. The anti-oxidant properties of tea have been shown to be effective both through oral consumption or when applied topically.

We believe that your beauty products shouldn’t just help you look good, they should do good, too. That’s why all of the powder and stick products at W3LL PEOPLE are formulated with the power of green tea infused into them. Our proprietary herbal blend is a combination of green tea, organic aloe and chamomile so that it treats, soothes and protects your skin as you wear it.

Pictured is our Purist Blush Powder 62, a product featured in our fall/winter Essentials collection. Our Essentials are a collection of products that are hand-picked by our team of artists to help you create a beautiful look for the season. Warm up to this beautiful satin coral pink blush and give your skin the gift of green tea!

The Power of Green Tea in Skincare | W3LL PEOPLE

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