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Trendspotting: Coral

Trendspotting: Coral Lips and Cheeks for Summer 2015.

A large, juicy slice of watermelon and the smell of strawberries ripening on the vine are two of my most vivid summer memories from childhood. Perhaps these recollections are why melon and berry hued shades tend to make their way into my beauty routine when summer approaches.

Coral should be easy and breezy — just like a summer day. It’s a shade that tends to be universally flattering and doesn’t need to be over-thought. Unlike selecting the perfect shade of teeth-whitening red, coral is more forgiving. I tend to favor corals that are more pink than orange and suggest this for most skin tones.

W3LL PEOPLE has developed several products in shades of coral that are free of cruelty, parabens, petrochemicals, glycols, silicones, sulphates, artificial dyes, artificial fragrance, GMOs and nanoparticles. Try out our no nasties makeup in this season’s hottest color with our Universalist Multi-Stick No. 7  (pictured, $34.50). No. 7 is a bright peony shade that washes cheeks with chemical-free color. For lips, our coconut-oil packed Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Grapefruit (pictured, $23.50) uses a state-of-the-art peptide complex to rejuvenate lips while it volumizes and soothes. If you prefer a balm or stain, you might tend toward our Nudist Colorbalm 1 ($19.50) which will give your lips a beautiful coral glow while providing nourishing hydration with omega oils and aloe. Bring the coral trend to your eyes in a subtle and complementary way with a few swipes of our Elitist Eyeshadow Powder 814 ($16.00).

If you put together a beautiful coral look using our products be sure to share it with us on Instagram using #NaturalWarrior!

Be W3LL!

Lucky Magazine: Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup? Don’t Miss These 24 Expert Tips Every Bride-To-Be Should Know

Your wedding day is one of the most special, remarkable days of your life, and you’ve chosen to take the time to do your own makeup. You want to make sure you feel and look your best on this day! The folks at Lucky Magazine asked the industry’s top beauty pros for their suggestions… and our Universalist #2 Highlighting ColorStick was high on the list!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 2.02.05 PM

Assuming that you’ve had tons of practice doing your own makeup on a daily basis, attempting to do it yourself on your wedding day actually isn’t that much more difficult. After all, no one knows your face better than you do, and chances are you have many of the tools and products that you need for the big day right at your fingertips—you just need to know how to use them.

I asked several industry experts to give their best pieces of advice for getting it done—including Hannah Martin, Bobbi Brown’s UK makeup artist who provided assistance to members of the Royal Wedding, as well as one of the fashion world’s key players, Fiona Stiles, who had firsthand experience doing her own wedding day makeup. If you’re considering creating your wedding beauty look on your own, prep yourself with these handy tips.

Read more here:http://www.luckymag.com/beauty/2014/06/how-to-do-your-own-wedding-makeup_slideshow_Steer-Clear-of-Glitter_8

Universalist Featured as a Well + Good Summer Must Have

We’re glowing extra bright from the Well + Good summer love! Check out our super-star of the season, the Universalist Multi-Use ColorStick, featured in the recent article  “7 Simple Summer Beauty Staples Every Woman Must Own.” Yep, ladies it’s time to arm your makeup back with the go-to product of the summer for your eyes, cheeks and lips! Cue the totally gush worthy clip of the Well + Good article below. Blush. Blush.


Shop our full collection of Universalist colors here.


The Silica Confusion


There’s been a lot of controversy running around over the web recently regarding the safety of using Silica in our cosmetics. The vast differences in the information out there can be confusing and misleading, particularly because there are companies intentionally keeping certain information regarding silica away from inquiring customers.  Some companies have gone so far as to publicly ridicule customers who question the safety of their silica-based products, so we at W3LL PEOPLE wanted to provide you, the informed individual, an honest run-down of silica and it’s potential dangers.

So, is silica powder dangerous?  The answer is yes and no.  Some of that information out there is true.  Silica can cause scilicosis, a respiratory disease, if breathed in at large doses, or through prolonged exposure.  But we’re talking 20+ years of direct exposure, and particularly with one type of silica, crystalized silica particles, which is mainly used for pottery.

The type of silica that is used in cosmetic products is limited to a different type: spherical silica, or silicone dioxide as it is also known.  This cosmetic grade mineral is where most of the confusion lies.  There is some research out there indicating that cosmetic grade silica is linked to certain forms of cancer in lab animals, and because it is the 2nd most common mineral on the planet, how are we to have any sense of control over this situation?

You definitely have choices when it comes to your face powder and silica.  The amount of silica in your product will make a significant difference.  Products with a high proportion, or that are strictly silica will put more of the mineral out into the air for you to breathe in, where as powders with less than 1% of silica kick up such a trace amount, you would literally have to go out of your way to inhale enough to be a safety concern.

At W3LL PEOPLE, we pride ourselves in keeping all of our products free of anything linked to compromising your personal health or safety, which is why our mineral powders have less than .5% silica, which is at a level that poses no threat to lung irritation, cancer, or any other ailment if inhaled.  Check that label and avoid silica proportions at over 1%, particularly those which are 100% silica!  Being informed of your options will allow you to get that flawless finish without compromising your consumer integrity!

The Trouble with Parabens


Alright, W3LL Divas. It’s time to focus on the big daddy of chemical preservatives: parabens. While developed with the best of intentions, to give our beauty products a longer shelf life in the stores and our bathroom cabinets, the side effects of this ingredient have become too numerous to ignore. It’s such an inexpensive preservative that it has become so widely used in the cosmetic industry- it’s almost a given on any brand’s ingredient deck. You probably have many products at home that contain parabens, unless of course you are one of those savvy women who take the time to seek out paraben-free products, like all of the products at W3LL PEOPLE.

It’s so common that we see parabens in our products that we become desensitized to it. We assume that anything that shows up so frequently must be safe or regulated… think again. The FDA, like with all cosmetic chemicals, does not investigate, research or even acknowledge the health effects of parabens, even though they are found in up to 90% of all beauty products. Water is the only ingredient that is more widely used in the cosmetics industry. It doesn’t end there either. This nasty chemical is also found in baby products. So, not only are we, as grown adults, adversely affecting our health on a daily basis, our young children are not free from it either. Parabens can disrupt endocrine and hormone production, leading to early puberty in both boys and girls.

How toxic are parabens, you ask? It’s actually quite a bit troublesome when you break it down. Not only does this chemical cause skin irritations, dermatitis and skin toxicity, it is also directly linked to breast tumors and high estrogen levels, which can also contribute to breast cancer. A 2004 study by the Journal of Toxicology found that 18 out of 20 breast tumors contained significant concentrations of parabens within the tumor itself. They could trace this chemical’s presence in the body directly back to products that women were applying topically. Pretty gross. There are also studies that show how parabens have an accumulative effect in the body and can amplify the toxic effects when used on a daily basis.

October being breast cancer awareness month, it is particularly important to become informed on not only what we are putting in our bodies, but also with what we are putting on our bodies. Indirect consumption of parabens is no less harmful than if you chose to ingest it with your daily vitamin. Pretty scary when it comes down to it.  Fortunately, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the effects of this toxic ingredient and are making conscious choices to avoid parabens at all costs. At W3LL PEOPLE, we think it’s definitely worth it! Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us your favorite paraben-free product.



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