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Austin American-Statesman Style Matters Feature: W3LL PEOPLE Cosmetics Launches New Product Formulas, Colors

W3LL PEOPLE Founders

W3LL PEOPLE Founders

Almost five years ago, three University of Texas alumni came together to launch an all-natural cosmetics line. This spring W3ll People (pronounced Well People) was introduced to eight European cities with H&M’s new high fashion retail concept called & Other Stories.

“It’s been such a whirlwind and an amazing opportunity,” says co-founder James Walker. “We’re a company that cares about the way you look, but also care about the way you live.”

The W3ll People trio, made up of Walker, makeup guru Shirley Pinkson and cosmetic dermatologist Reneé Snyder, has their flagship studio in Austin but their loyal following spans across the country where their products are also available.

In May, the company will introduce Americans to some changes to the brand that are already available in Europe. W3LL PEOPLE’s new concept includes sleek, environmentally-friendly packaging and upgraded product formulas and new colors. Most of their new products will incorporate organic aloe and new colors will be introduced such as blood orange caramel and creamy crimson.

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Refinery29’s Feature Interview with Our Very Own, Shirley Pinkson

Rumor Has It: We Break Down The Reality (& Dangers) Of Mineral Makeup


There’s been a lot of chatter lately about mineral makeup and its possible dangers. Long thought of to be a safe alternative to chemical-laden cosmetics, this perfect-blend alternative is suddenly coming under serious scrutiny. Many scientists are raising concerns about the effects of inhaling loose powder foundations, specifically mica, and lung damage.

We wanted to see if there was any validity to these rumors, so we caught up with makeup artist and W3ll People co-founder Shirley Pinkson to help separate fact from fiction. Check out this Q&A to find out if mineral makeup is really as safe as it claims.

From your perspective, is loose mineral makeup hazardous to your health?
“First off, it’s worth noting there are an alarming number of potential toxins the average person inhales on a daily basis. They come from our air, our water, our food, and even our cosmetics. That said, taking a look at cosmetics is no different than taking a look at what’s in your energy bar.

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Introducing The Nudist + Deluxe Lip Brush Set

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Sneak Peak: W3LL PEOPLE on Location

This past Monday we were on location at Cochiti Pueblo, NM shooting for the new W3LL PEOPLE eco-tastic beauty campaign! We had a great day with Photographer Julien McRoberts and our gorgeous, fresh faced W3LL Beauties. The shoot went so well we couldn’t help but give you a sneak peak.


Stay Tuned for the W3LL PEOPLE Spring 2012 Campaign!

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Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick

The Narcissist Foundation + Concealer and Deluxe Brush Set

This feel good foundation instantly melts into skin giving it a fresh, healthy glow. The multi-tasking stick design is ideal for travel portability and adjustable coverage. It’s breakthrough creamy formula delivers a weightless, satin, soft focus finish. It breathes with skin because it’s natural, no film, no grease, no crease, just diva friendly perfection. Choose from four featured complexion perfecting shades #2, #3, #5 and #6. Set comes with a deluxe foundation brush for easy application.

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