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W3LL Kiss and Tell: Five Surprising Ingredients Found Hiding in Lipstick


Fashion mavens around the world have long relied on lipstick to add that special burst of color to their overall makeup look. What you may not know is that the lipsticks you use every day are often packed with surprisingly harmful ingredients. If you’ve already made the switch to natural eye makeup and organic foundation, do yourself a favor and add natural lipstick to your list.

The following five lipstick ingredients may surprise even the most informed fashionistas. Remember to keep these nasty ingredients and their equally nasty side effects in mind the next time you hit the cosmetics aisle. You can avoid these hidden ingredients by choosing all-natural makeup instead of conventional brands.

Triclosan: Research released in the United Kingdom has linked triclosan, used as a preservative in many cosmetics, to heart and muscle problems. Many health experts also note that triclosan can cause bacteria to become highly resistant to antibiotics, aiding in the growth of so-called “super bugs” that are difficult for the body to battle.

Red Dyes and Cadmium: D&C Red 36 and D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake are long-standing lipstick staples. However, these bright red dyes have been linked to a wide variety of health problems. Many red lipsticks also include cadmium, a heavy metal that is considered toxic.

: This preservative, which has been banned in the European Union, has been linked to cancer and endocrine system problems. It is widely used in cosmetics in the U.S.

Propylparaben: This ingredient has also been linked to endocrine system problems and some types of cancer. It can also irritate the skin, leading some consumers to suffer from serious allergic reactions.

Retinyl Palmitate: While this ingredient touts itself as a synthetic form of vitamin A, it has been linked to fertility problems. Many health professionals believe that this chemical is particularly harmful for pregnant women.

Lead: It doesn’t get much worse for your well being than lead. Lead is a widely known neurotoxin that can cause mental and behavioral deterioration through regular exposure. Ordinary, store-bought leading brands of lipstick typically contain elevated levels of lead, and daily use of these products can jeopardize your health. Check out the FDA’s list of lipsticks containing lead.

With W3LL PEOPLE’s all-natural makeup products, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’re applying harmful chemicals to your skin. We choose ingredients with care, creating a cosmetic line where beauty and nature coexist.

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Sometimes, it’s fun to be dramatic. Don’t get us wrong, nobody likes the kind of drama the office gossip stirs up. But a little sass doesn’t have to be a bad thing, particularly when you’re in the mood for a bold look for a night out on the town. So when we’re needing a little inspiration on great ways to play with makeup, we always look to the people who play with makeup for a living: those ladies who strut the runway. Lately, we’ve seen some pretty cool trends. We wanted to share one of our favorite looks from this season’s catwalk, and give you a few tips on greening the look with our all natural makeup.


The Mulberry Lip:

This dramatic look is all about making a statement. There’s just something in those super sexy deep burgundy lips paired with good-girl neutrals and natural facial tones. The contrast between a sweet face and a naughty mouth has never looked more provocative.

To get the look with the W3LL PEOPLE:

1. Start with the cruelty-free W3LL PEOPLE lip brush to create that precise definition.

2. Apply the luscious and organic deep plum shade of the Universalist 6, blended with the brick red of our Nudist #3.

3.Finish with the subtle gold shimmer of the Paganist #2, our newest all-natural lip gloss.

When you want to bring out your especially saucy side: Feather in just a touch of the Hypnotist Natural Eyeliner as a lip base prior to applying the color combo of the Nudist, Universalist and Paganist.

W3LL PEOPLE’s products are packed full of nourishing ingredients like jojoba and aloe, so you’re lips won’t lose their seductive luster when you’re tearing up the dance floor. Now that’s a reason vamp up for a night out! Just remember to stick with neutrals for the rest of your features to balance that amazing sexiness with your natural beauty.

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