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Have Safe Sun: The latest in chemical free SPF by W3LL PEOPLE

Are you ready to get out there and enjoy the sun without the fear of sun damage, or sunburn? Time for you to get acquainted with our SPF Dream Team! The four products above were created fo yo glow, but have the added benefit of protecting you from environmental damage. Here’s why this good-for-you collection will quickly become your trusted regimen for sun protection and repair!


Did you know conventional sunscreens can contain harmful ingredients such as Avobenzone and Oxybenzone? Both of these seriously toxic ingredients have been linked to photoallergic reactions, endocrine disruption and bioaccumulation. Why battle one nasty with another nasty? No bueno. That’s why our products use the unbeatable defense power of zinc to provide a physical barrier between you and the sun.

We recommend applying our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 every morning. This award winning product protects your skin with SPF 30 broad spectrum protection thanks to the power of pure zinc and a host of antioxidant rich organic botanicals that hydrate, nourish and soothe.

If you want to double down on protection, add another dose of SPF by lightly buffing on a layer of our Altruist Foundation Powder SPF 15 over Bio Tint Multi-action Moisturizer. Give extra attention to areas that get targeted by the sun, such as the top of your forehead and your nose. It may also be used by itself for a solid SPF 15 which is typically plenty for work days when mainly indoors.

And don’t forget about your precious lips! They are so susceptible to sunburn and are often forgotten. Thankfully our clear Nudist Lip Butter 0 is the perfect way to look gorgeous and nourish your lips with organic rosehip oil while also shielding them from the sun with zinc’s natural, safe environmental protection.


How about sun protection that not only shields you from environmental damage but also looks great!? Instead of reapplying a cream sunscreen to your face, which can wreak havoc on your makeup application, leaving skin oily and pores clogged, simply buff another layer of our Altruist Foundation Powder SPF 15 onto skin for a quick-touch up that will reinforce the SPF benefits! Pro tip: try putting Altruist Foundation Powder into your favorite refillable brush for SPF protection on the go!


Protecting your skin from environmental damage doesn’t end when you leave the beach. Antioxidants are the secret to repairing damage that has already been done, and helping to prevent future sun damage.

Both of these products you’re wearing during the day are working triple duty. Bio Tint Multi-action Moisturizer SPF 30 and Altruist Foundation Powder SPF 15 both are chock full of anti-oxidant rich, plant-based ingredients to improve your skin quality for a flawless and radiant complexion, while defending against environmental damage.

Bio Tint is loaded with organic broccoli seed oil, rosehip oil, turmeric and bio -peptides that rejuvenate skin and boost collagen. Altruist soothes and nourishes skin with pearl powder, organic green tea, and organic aloe.

Feel like your skin could use an extra dose of antioxidant love? Meet our Bio Booster Facial Serum, which touts a 7-in-1 formula powered by organic botanicals that help repair and soothe your skin after a day in the sun! Organic Rose Hip and Pomegranate rejuvenate your skin while our powerful algae complex brightens and corrects. A long list of powerful plant-based ingredients, such as Sea Buckthorn, Broccoli Seed Oil, Jojoba and Red Raspberry further work to improve your skin’s appearance and combat breakouts. Press 2-3 drops into skin at the end of the day, remembering to treat your lips, neck and chest as well!

We know that our SPF Dream Team will have you ready for anything that summer sends your way! Share your sun-filled adventures with us on Instagram using @W3LLPEOPLE and #BEW3LL!

Get Your (Natural) Glow On and Protect with Skin Saving Sunscreen.

We all know the sun can damage our precious silky soft skin, yet we all seem to love the perfectly bronzed look. And what’s more, most sunscreens and sunless tanners are loaded with yuckies! So what’s a gorgeous natural beauty to do?

Have no fear, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is here with a list of “149 Beach & Sport Sunscreens” featuring a comprehensive list EWG approved all-natural, non-toxin, and safe sunscreens. Lather up for a full season of protection and bask in the glory of your healthy supple skin – not the agony of sunburns and skin damage.

Still want that summertime glow? Here’s our 3 step tutorial for a quick and healthy bronzed look.

  1. Start by protecting with a all-natural sunscreen of your choice (we happen to love COOLA Organic Suncare Collection)
  2. Next add a little extra armor to you gorgeous mug with our Altruist Mineral Powder (loaded with zinc which is one of the best natural sunblocks)
  3. Then dust on our Hedonist Mineral Bronzer in a C shape around your temples, upper brow and under your check bones.

Voilà! You’re ready to turn heads with a healthy, natural, sunless glow!


Be Bold. Be Adventurous. Be Protected.

Feel free to enjoy the great outdoors knowing your protected from the summer sun and damaging UV rays. With nourishing organic aloe and all-natural ingredients, W3LL PEOPLE Altruist Mineral Foundation offers powerful performance for age defying beauty. So you can save the ‘harsh’ for your breakup–not your makeup!

Altruist Mineral Foundation $30

9 Sheer, Natural, Skin Perfecting Shades

available online, or in-store: 512.366.7963


W3LL PEOPLE + The Green Life: Green Girls’ Night Out

We’re spreading the eco-friendly love this holiday season!

W3LL PEOPLE, along with Priti NYC and Luscious Organic Desserts partnered with The Green Life in Santa Monica to host a Green Girls’ Night out, and it was a resounding success!

Lucky attendees received mini makeovers and tips, while enjoying organic, vegan cupcakes from Luscious Organic Desserts.


If you’re in the Santa Monica area, be sure to check out The Green Life’s many eco-friendly, unique offerings.  You’ll be sure to find a great gift for a friend or loved one!


Treehugger loves W3LL PEOPLE


W3LL PEOPLE was featured in Treehugger‘s 6 Easy Makeup Tips for a Gorgeous Green Makeover.  The post is full of gorgeously green tips from makeup expert Jessica Blades, and she is a fan of the ultra-versatile Universalist Multi-Use Stick, mixing it with gloss to get a custom shade.

Thanks to Jessica & Emma Grady of Treehugger for the great shout-out!

Don’t forget that W3LLPEOPLE.com is offering free shipping for all online sales over $75 through the holidays, so go online and start mixing your own custom eco-lusciousness.

Be W3LL!



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