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How W3LL PEOPLE Is Pioneering Innovative, Plant-Based Cosmetics


We were so honored by this recent interview shared by Thrive Market! If you’re curious about how W3LL PEOPLE came to fruition, what we identify as our mission, and what our ingredient standards are, read on! From the interview:

If you think “plant-based beauty” means sacrificing the staying power of traditional cosmetics in exchange for good-for-you ingredients, W3LL PEOPLE is about to change your mind. This green beauty brand is blazing a trail in the industry thanks to three founders—an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, and a dermatologist—who are committed to using nontoxic, renewable, and plant-based ingredients.

Click here to read the complete story over on the Thrive Market blog and #BEW3LL!

3 Green Beauty Products to Buy First

3 Nontoxic Beauty Products to Buy First: switching to healthy makeup | W3LL PEOPLE

Why not kick off the New Year with a refreshed beauty routine that is healthy, non-toxic, and good-for-you? Removing toxic products from your beauty routine can seem a bit daunting at first, but our goal at W3LL PEOPLE is to make clean, healthy beauty simple and hassle-free. We recommend starting slow, and replacing the items that are used most frequently, are the most toxic, or come into the most contact with your skin or sensitive areas. When asked which products to swap out first, these are the four products our experts recommend replacing ASAP:

  1. Foundation – Our skin is our largest organ, and it can quickly absorb what we put on it. One of the first products you should swap for a clean alternative is your foundation, because it typically covers the most surface area, making you most prone to toxic absorption. W3LL PEOPLE offers you four options in foundation products so that you can select the product that provides the coverage and finish you desire (left to right): Altruist Foundation Powder, Bio Base Baked Foundation Powder, Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer, and Narcissist Foundation Stick. For an in-depth look at each foundation’s benefits check out our Foundation Guide. For help selecting the perfect shade, visit our Foundation Selector.3 Nontoxic Beauty Products to Buy First: switching to healthy makeup | W3LL PEOPLE
  2. Mascara – Switching to a nontoxic mascara should be a high priority for all of us. Not only do most conventional mascaras contain coal tar, but they can also contain other nasty ingredients that are drying and damaging to your natural lashes. Our Expressionist Mascara not only comes with a clean ingredient deck, but it also comes with the added benefit of plant-based ingredients like castor seed oil and sunflower seed oil, which help promote lash health and growth. We’ve combined an incredible formula with a state-of-the-art rubble-bristled wand that helps lengthen, define and curl your lashes. You won’t miss your toxic mascara for a second, we promise!3 Nontoxic Beauty Products to Buy First: switching to healthy makeup | W3LL PEOPLE
  3. Lip Products – We don’t have to remind you of how much lipstick the average woman consumes in her lifetime, do we? Okay, we’re going to: it’s upwards of 4 pounds or more! Obviously, the products that go near our mouth should be nontoxic and as close to consumable as possible. W3LL PEOPLE offers four versatile lip products that provide you with varying levels of coverage, powerful pigments, and botanical formulas that outperform their toxic competition (left to right): Bio Extreme Lipgloss (Nude Rose), Optimist Lipstick (Om Yeah), Nudist Lip Butter (Cherry), Nudist Multi-Use Stick (Nude Rose).

If you’re feeling “stuck” on where to start with your green beauty transition, we hope that this post will give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. We know that you will be blown away not only by the performance of our nontoxic products but also by the way they nourish and improve your skin, that you’ll be happy to swap out each product in your makeup bag! Make sure you’re following along with us on Instagram, @W3LLPEOPLE, this month as we share more tips and tools for making the switch to clean beauty.

Go Green for the Holidays with W3LL PEOPLE

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

Join our team of green beauty gurus as we help you check off some of the people on your holiday shopping list! We’re picking out one item from our W3LL PEOPLE Collection and one item from our W3LL PEOPLE Studio in Austin, Texas, which carries over 50 of our most-loved green beauty brands, hand-selected by our team of experts.

We hope this little guide helps you discover some of the healthy, non-toxic, eco-conscious products that you can put under the tree this holiday season. Our W3LL PEOPLE products are available online, the other incredible brands mentioned can be purchased by calling our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1), where one of our green beauty pros will be happy to help you place your order.

To kick off your holiday shopping we’re offering 25% off your entire order, plus free shipping on all orders through November 26th, online and in store. Not code required. Read to get green gifting?! Let’s go.

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

01 | Inevitably one of the top people on most of our lists is our mama, and rightfully so. She deserves the very best, which is why this year we’re treating our leading ladies to a tube of our exceptionally gorgeous Optimist Lipsticks. Not only will she be pleased-as-punch by the powerful pigment, but the locking tube and mirrored cap will leave her quite impressed with your gift giving skills (you got ’em from your mama).

02 | Pair the lipstick with a product that is sure to make her feel extra-loved, such as Tata Harper’s Elixir Vitae. This supernatural treatment targets severe wrinkles to restore the look of youthful plumpness and will have your mom singing your praises whenever she catches a glimpse of her glow.

Elixir Vitae retails for $400 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

03 | You spent your teenage years fighting and sharing nothing, but now you have plenty to share, like favorite beauty products and incredible skincare finds. Treat your sister to some of your favorites this holiday season. The W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Multi-Use Powder Duo ($24.99) offers a universally flattering blush + highlighter, for a lit-from-within glow that will last her all of 2019.

04 | Pair it with a good-for-you serum to help nourish and protect her skin, such as Marie Veronique’s Vitamins C + E + Ferulic Serum. This anti-oxidant rich serum helps promote a radiant complexion while providing environmental protection. Sisters don’t let sisters use crappy skincare, am I right?

Vitamins C + E + Ferulic Serum retails for $90 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

05 | She’s been there for you since before you knew what green beauty even was. Tell her you love her with any shade of our Bio Extreme Lipgloss! Just like your friendship, this gloss has two sides: a good-for-you formula that soothes and nourishes, and a sexy, state-of-the-art peptide complex that will plump up lips just-a-little-bit.

06 | Pair it with a signature scent that is nontoxic, vegan, and environmentally friendly such as Ellis Brooklyn’s Sci Fi. This incredible scent has hints of bergamot, bitter orange, green tea, freesia, cashmere and vanilla. A sophisticated scent for a sophisticated friendship!

Sci Fi retails for $100 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

07 | What do you buy for the person who is already well-stocked with nontoxic products and knows it all when it comes to clean living? Our best-selling, award-winning Expressionist Mascara ($21.99) is the way to any green beauty snobs heart. If the EWG Verified formula isn’t enough to impress her, the rubber-bristled wand will surely put you at the top of her nice list.

08 | Pair it with another industry favorite with a cult following, such as The Honey Mud by May Lindstrom. This jar of magic combines raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver, and aromatic plant oil that will treat your health nut friend to an addictive ritual that she’ll forever thank you for.

The Honey Mud retails for $90 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

Green gift guide: nontoxic gifts for the holidays | W3LL PEOPLE

09 | We have a green beauty product for everyone on your list, including the man in your life. Our Bio Booster Facial Serum ($28.99) will not only keep his skin fresh, hydrated, and glowing (hey, boys like to glow, too!) but also doubles as a fantastic beard or mustache oil with a light, unisex scent of jojoba, black cumin, and red raspberry.

10 | Cologne is sexier when it’s nontoxic! Cuddle up to Molecule’s 02 cologne, which has a sweet, earthy, musky scent that lingers and intoxicates with their signature aroma-molecule formula.

Molecule 02 retails for $150 and is available for purchase at our W3LL PEOPLE Studio (800-790-1563, ext. 1).

We’re hoping this green beauty gift guide gave you some inspiration as you begin your holiday shopping. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @W3LLPEOPLE for more holiday cheer, and share your holiday haul with us using #BEW3LL!


Have Safe Sun: The latest in chemical free SPF by W3LL PEOPLE

Are you ready to get out there and enjoy the sun without the fear of sun damage, or sunburn? Time for you to get acquainted with our SPF Dream Team! The four products above were created fo yo glow, but have the added benefit of protecting you from environmental damage. Here’s why this good-for-you collection will quickly become your trusted regimen for sun protection and repair!


Did you know conventional sunscreens can contain harmful ingredients such as Avobenzone and Oxybenzone? Both of these seriously toxic ingredients have been linked to photoallergic reactions, endocrine disruption and bioaccumulation. Why battle one nasty with another nasty? No bueno. That’s why our products use the unbeatable defense power of zinc to provide a physical barrier between you and the sun.

We recommend applying our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 every morning. This award winning product protects your skin with SPF 30 broad spectrum protection thanks to the power of pure zinc and a host of antioxidant rich organic botanicals that hydrate, nourish and soothe.

If you want to double down on protection, add another dose of SPF by lightly buffing on a layer of our Altruist Foundation Powder SPF 15 over Bio Tint Multi-action Moisturizer. Give extra attention to areas that get targeted by the sun, such as the top of your forehead and your nose. It may also be used by itself for a solid SPF 15 which is typically plenty for work days when mainly indoors.

And don’t forget about your precious lips! They are so susceptible to sunburn and are often forgotten. Thankfully our clear Nudist Lip Butter 0 is the perfect way to look gorgeous and nourish your lips with organic rosehip oil while also shielding them from the sun with zinc’s natural, safe environmental protection.


How about sun protection that not only shields you from environmental damage but also looks great!? Instead of reapplying a cream sunscreen to your face, which can wreak havoc on your makeup application, leaving skin oily and pores clogged, simply buff another layer of our Altruist Foundation Powder SPF 15 onto skin for a quick-touch up that will reinforce the SPF benefits! Pro tip: try putting Altruist Foundation Powder into your favorite refillable brush for SPF protection on the go!


Protecting your skin from environmental damage doesn’t end when you leave the beach. Antioxidants are the secret to repairing damage that has already been done, and helping to prevent future sun damage.

Both of these products you’re wearing during the day are working triple duty. Bio Tint Multi-action Moisturizer SPF 30 and Altruist Foundation Powder SPF 15 both are chock full of anti-oxidant rich, plant-based ingredients to improve your skin quality for a flawless and radiant complexion, while defending against environmental damage.

Bio Tint is loaded with organic broccoli seed oil, rosehip oil, turmeric and bio -peptides that rejuvenate skin and boost collagen. Altruist soothes and nourishes skin with pearl powder, organic green tea, and organic aloe.

Feel like your skin could use an extra dose of antioxidant love? Meet our Bio Booster Facial Serum, which touts a 7-in-1 formula powered by organic botanicals that help repair and soothe your skin after a day in the sun! Organic Rose Hip and Pomegranate rejuvenate your skin while our powerful algae complex brightens and corrects. A long list of powerful plant-based ingredients, such as Sea Buckthorn, Broccoli Seed Oil, Jojoba and Red Raspberry further work to improve your skin’s appearance and combat breakouts. Press 2-3 drops into skin at the end of the day, remembering to treat your lips, neck and chest as well!

We know that our SPF Dream Team will have you ready for anything that summer sends your way! Share your sun-filled adventures with us on Instagram using @W3LLPEOPLE and #BEW3LL!

Get Into Our New Colors This Holiday!

Two new products from the green beauty gurus at W3LL PEOPLE! Hypnotist Eyepencil in Plum and Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold!

You’re fierce and you love having options, we know! That’s why we’re so excited to tell you that two of our most loved products are now available in hot new colors, just in time for the holidays!

Our award-winning Hypnotist Eyepencil is now available in Plum! Our Hypnotist formula is designed to be moisturizing and nourishing to your delicate eye area, and is free of any of the harsh chemicals and skin-aging adhesives found in most eye cosmetics. The collection now contains three stellar shades: black, brown and plum!

Two new products from the green beauty gurus at W3LL PEOPLE! Hypnotist Eyepencil in Plum!

Hypnotist Eyepencils help give a precise, defined line, but can be easily blended for a seductive, smoky look. We love our new plum liner paired with a deep berry lip for a holiday party, or a nude lip for a simple everyday look.

Also new to the team is our Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold! This stunner makes the perfect accessory for every holiday soiree or for everyday glam. The Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold can be layered with our Nudist Colorbalms or Universalist Multi-Sticks to create multi-dimensional custom shades. This lipgloss is formulated with state-of-the-art peptide technology, volumizing liquid crystals, hydrating coconut oil and soothing organic aloe. It looks fabulous and works it’s magic with pure, powerful ingredients.

We’d love to see you create a holiday look using our new Hypnotist Eyepencil in Plum and our Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold! Share a photo and tag #NaturalWarrior on Instagram!

Two new products from the green beauty gurus at W3LL PEOPLE! Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold!



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