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I’m At My Finest



I don’t claim to be great at everything, but I do think that if there’s one thing I’m pretty great at, it’s living with intention. Intentional living has helped me feel fulfilled, has helped me find my purpose, and has helped me find joy and value in every experience – big, small, happy or sad –  and as the final days of the year approach, and we embark on a fresh year ahead, I’ve found myself  taking note of the places, people, experiences and moments that make me feel my finest.

I feel at my finest when I am feeding my son a nutritious, plant-based meal. It isn’t always easy, but I have no shame in relying on meal services (my favorite is Green Chef). I love to blend any leftovers and use ice-cube trays to freeze them into perfectly portioned servings for my little man.

Another mom trick I have up my sleeve? The Baby Center App. It quickly and efficiently answers any question I have ever had about motherhood, babyhood and beyond, and I also love the updates it provides on his age and growth.

Although my world can feel like it revolves around him (who can blame me!), I know how important it is to prioritize self-care so that I can be at my finest for myself, my family, and my work. Below are a few additional resources that keep me going, glowing and growing:

The EWG Skin Deep Database – Understanding ingredient labels is vital, but can be time-consuming and confusing. EWG’s online database provides you with extensive information about the ingredients in your favorite products, and their visual ranking and scoring system makes it easy for you to identify safe, healthy products, and ones you should probably avoid.

WELL + GOOD – I try not to spend too much time surfing the web, but one site that I never regret reading through is WELL + GOOD. It’s a treasure chest of information if you are interested in well living. Their recent round-up of Top Trends for 2018 had me full of anticipation for what’s to come this year!

Mindbody- It’s so easy to avoid popping into a fitness class, booking that massage, or going to a meditation session during a business trip simply because it seems inconvenient or you’re too busy.  But I’ve discovered an app that has made it incredibly simple. Mindbody helps you book your favorite fitness, wellness and beauty services in just a few quick clicks on your smartphone. It works in cities across the country, which is great for those of us who are always on the go!

The Green Beauty Rules – I also feel at my finest when I am learning. There is value in understanding ingredients, how to decipher the labels on your favorite products, and how to identify safe products for yourself, your home, and your family. One of my favorite books is Paige Padgett’s “Green Beauty Rules“. She simplifies complex information and gives you actionable steps to clean up your beauty routine. Plus, we could probably all use a little more time for slowing down, setting aside technology and reading an actual book, don’t you think?

These are things that I incorporate into my life in order to be at my finest. What would make it onto your list? What are the things that make you feel valued? Important? Smart? Empowered? Beautiful? What are the experiences that you reflect on and feel your heart swell with happiness or pride? I’m at my finest when I am educating a client on safe, effective products. I’m at my finest when I am spending quality time with my family. I’m at my finest when I’m covered in my favorite body oil or swiping on my favorite lip balm. I’m at my finest discovering new things with the people I love.bew3ll-shirley-signature

We think equality is beautiful.

W3LL-PEOPLE-Product Equality Image


W3LL PEOPLE is proud to lead a new generation of socially responsible brands focused on improved health and reduced harm. Thanks to the unmatched quality and performance of our luxurious, nontoxic, natural cosmetics we have experienced phenomenal growth since launching 2008. 

In that time we’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to touch thousands of women all across the country with mission-minded makeup. We’ve listened to their stories that range from outrageously silly to overwhelmingly gut-wrenching. These stories have moved our team. We’ve learned our Brave Beauties face a host of challenges. Some want to feel more confident in the work place, some want to invest in better self-care, some want to teach their kids good habits…and some are fighting for their lives.

This profound experience inspires our team now more than ever to take beauty to a better place–for everyone. Our name says it all, we are a brand by the people for the people. Yet, it concerns us that certain communities may be priced out of enjoying our gorgeously-good-for-you makeup. For this singular, but powerful reason, we are electing to reduce our prices. Our intent is to make our products more accessible to a larger audience, expanding our reach and the accessibility of better, healthy products.

The more successful we are, the more we achieve greater cost efficiencies in manufacturing. Now we’re in a position to share the savings from higher volume production with our customer. Essentially we’re paying it forward–and it feels pretty damn good. So check out our site and visit our retailers to enjoy our premium quality products at a more affordable price. 

You’re still going to see the same delicious organic botanicals in our ingredients. You’re still going to revel in our stylish packaging. You’re still going to be wowed by the award-winning performance of our nontoxic products. All this remains untouched, but now at a better value. 

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In sync with our revised pricing structure, we are forging exciting partnerships with top retailers including Birchbox, Whole Foods Market, Target, Detox Market, Credo Beauty and Pharmaca in order to make our products accessible to just about everyone, everywhere. Thanks to our inspired leadership, keen product ingenuity and tireless drive, W3LL PEOPLE is growing our community of Brave Beauties and proving that makeup doesn’t have to be harmful to be powerful. 



Pink Essentials

4 Products and one beautiful makeup look featuring nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free beauty products from W3LL PEOPLE.

You’re sure to look fresh and totally rejuvenated with this simple 4-product makeup look featuring a few products from The Essentials for Spring 2016 collection! Each season, our team of experts curates a special collection of products that highlights the hottest trends in beauty. You can check out our current essentials here.

This quick look is perfect for everyday and is great when you are pressed for time. Start by neutralizing redness and covering blemishes with our new Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer. Our Bio Correct has a mousse formula with great coverage, and is also loaded with the benefits of blue algae extract and caffeine to help depuff and smooth! Use it under your eyes to look instantly more awake and refreshed. We also recommend using a small amount across your lids as an eyelid primer (go ahead, try it, you won’t believe how well it works)! While it is still tacky buff our Elitist Eyeshadow Powder 814 from lash line to brows for a neutral, peachy eye that stays put all day long without the use of chemicals or toxic ingredients.

Now that your skin is evened out and glowing, try applying a pop of color to the apples of your cheeks using our Universalist Multi-Stick 7! Apply a quarter-sized circle of color onto the very apple of your cheeks, and then blend softly into skin using your fingertips.

Next, you’re going to put your cheek color on your eyes and your eye product on your cheeks. Are you following us? We promise, this is gorgeous (and a tip that is approved by our green beauty guru, Shirley)! Take the Universalist 7 and apply a small amount to your finger, then blend it into the crease of your eye for a very natural daytime smoky effect. Take your Elitist Eyeshadow Powder 814 and using your finger or a small brush simply place a small dot of it directly onto the apple of your cheek (it’s where the pupil of the eye and nostril meet) and then blend in lightly. It will give you an inner glow that helps you look radiant and healthy!

Finish with your lips! Push your multitasking even further by using Universalist 7 as a base color on your lips, and then top it with our Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Nude Rose. Or keep it simple with just the gloss, we’ll leave that up to you! Finish the entire look with a coat of our no clump, no smear, no chemicals Expressionist Mascara!

Try out this tutorial, and then show us your finished look on Instagram by tagging @W3LLPEOPLE and #BEW3LL!


4 Products and one beautiful makeup look featuring nontoxic, vegan, cruelty free beauty products from W3LL PEOPLE.

W3LL Tip No. 1

W3LL PEOPLE beauty application tips: multi-tasking with eyeshadow as an illuminator.

We’re rejoicing over the dewy skin trend and love nothing more than skin that looks hydrated and natural. Gone are the days of powdering  your face to remove all signs of shine or oil!  Of course we all wish to have that glow effortlessly, and our Altruist Mineral Powders are a great start, but if you want to enhance it you can try highlighting parts of your face with an illuminator. Our Bio Brightener Stick ($34.50) was designed for this exact purpose. In a pinch, our Elitist Eyeshadow Powder 836 can also act as an illuminating powder. Use either product to create an ethereal glow on the apples of your cheeks and around your orbital bones. Glow on, Natural Warrior!

If you get your glow on with our illuminating tips, be sure to share it with us on Instagram using #NaturalWarrior!

Be W3LL!



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