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Swatched: Nudist Colorbalm No. 8

The best of green beauty: W3LL PEOPLE's Nudist Colorbalm No. 8! Packed with aloe, green tea and rosehip!

What happens when lipstick and lip balm get together for a party? A lovechild is born, and that baby is called the Nudist Colorbalm. She comes in 6 shades that hydrate lips with organic rosehip oil, while the combination of organic aloe, green tea and chamomile rejuvenate and nourish.

Today we are featuring our Nudist Colorbalm No. 8, a bright poppy shade that brightens up the entire face with a cheerful pop of pink. Add a quick swipe for a wash of color, or layer for a more bold look. Get your color on, #NaturalWarrior!


The best of green beauty: W3LL PEOPLE's Nudist Colorbalms! Packed with aloe, green tea and chamomile.

Summer Foundation


Thanks to our friends at Birchbox, we’ve solved the summertime sadness that can happen with your foundation! Foundation gets a bad rap during the summer. “It will clog your pores.” “It feels so heavy on your skin.” And then there’s the tricky way your complexion changes shades as you get more or less sun. I was firmly in the no-foundation-till-fall camp until I became acquainted with W3LL PEOPLE, a luxe all-natural brand that makes breathable makeup with skincare benefits. Specifically, I fell in love with its foundations, which have a weightless texture, and contain ingredients like zinc oxide that help protect your face from UV rays. The key to foundation in the summer is picking the right summer-friendly formula, and learn how to apply it correctly. Co-founder and veteran makeup artist Shirley Pinkson shared her tips for getting a natural, summery look—and the coverage you need—without feeling weighed down.

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Hypnotist Eyepencil in Brown

One of the best eyeliners in green beauty is now available in brown! (GMO free and Vegan!)

Our skin absorbs more than 60% of what we put on it, including creams, oils and cosmetics. We’ve becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to check labels and be conscious of what we’re applying to our body, because those products end up inside our bodies, as well. Here at W3LL PEOPLE we aim to provide our customers with products that they can feel comfortable and safe applying, especially when it comes to cosmetics that go near sensitive areas such as eyes!

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Get Your (Natural) Glow On and Protect with Skin Saving Sunscreen.

We all know the sun can damage our precious silky soft skin, yet we all seem to love the perfectly bronzed look. And what’s more, most sunscreens and sunless tanners are loaded with yuckies! So what’s a gorgeous natural beauty to do?

Have no fear, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is here with a list of “149 Beach & Sport Sunscreens” featuring a comprehensive list EWG approved all-natural, non-toxin, and safe sunscreens. Lather up for a full season of protection and bask in the glory of your healthy supple skin – not the agony of sunburns and skin damage.

Still want that summertime glow? Here’s our 3 step tutorial for a quick and healthy bronzed look.

  1. Start by protecting with a all-natural sunscreen of your choice (we happen to love COOLA Organic Suncare Collection)
  2. Next add a little extra armor to you gorgeous mug with our Altruist Mineral Powder (loaded with zinc which is one of the best natural sunblocks)
  3. Then dust on our Hedonist Mineral Bronzer in a C shape around your temples, upper brow and under your check bones.

Voilà! You’re ready to turn heads with a healthy, natural, sunless glow!


Universalist Featured as a Well + Good Summer Must Have

We’re glowing extra bright from the Well + Good summer love! Check out our super-star of the season, the Universalist Multi-Use ColorStick, featured in the recent article  “7 Simple Summer Beauty Staples Every Woman Must Own.” Yep, ladies it’s time to arm your makeup back with the go-to product of the summer for your eyes, cheeks and lips! Cue the totally gush worthy clip of the Well + Good article below. Blush. Blush.


Shop our full collection of Universalist colors here.




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