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The Right Way to Wear Bronzer


Want to see a wizard at work? Pour yourself another cup of coffee and then head over to Camille Styles to watch our green guru, Shirley Pinkson, create two custom looks for contributing writer Tara Thompson Rasmus!

Shirley shares all of her expert tips for mastering bronzer along with two tutorials for complete beauty looks, transforming Tara’s polished daytime look into something more dramatic for the evening. Shirley uses only our natural, nontoxic, plant-based cosmetics to complete the stunning transformations, and if you look closely you just might spy some new products, coming soon from W3LL PEOPLE (one of them is already live on our website, check it out!).

Find the full article, The Right Way to Wear Bronzer, from Day to Night, at Camille Styles and #BEW3LL!


How to Master Nontouring

How to Master Nontouring using Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Products from W3LL PEOPLE!

Dear Face: meet nontouring. Just when you thought the 13,054th YouTube tutorial attempt was going to help you master your contouring, the beauty world says “Move over!” and introduces you to Nontouring. Thankfully this trend arrives just as we pull back the curtain on our newest, innovative creation: The Natural Contour and Highlight Duo.

Two amazing products in one easy-to-use package that is sure to make you a Nontouring pro in no time! Nontouring is the love-child of contouring and strobing, and is meant to produce a soft, lit-from-within, natural look . Our green beauty master makeup artist, Shirley Pinkson, thinks of Nontouring as instantly faking a facial. The key is to keep skin vibrant, dewy and radiant by delicately layering foundation, bronzer and highlighter.

Nontouring using our natural, vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic cosmetics and is as simple as knowing how to swipe! All of our cream cosmetics are formulated with a powerful blend of coconut oil, organic aloe and chamomile. Our hydrating formula leaves your skin dewy while infusing it with nourishing ingredients that help treat and improve your skin’s appearance while you wear it.

How to Master Nontouring using Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free Products from W3LL PEOPLE!

To get your Nontour on, start by evening out your skin-tone using our Narcissist Foundation Stick. A tip from Shirley: apply Narcissist using the W3LL PEOPLE Kabuki Brush to help the finish be superbly blended, sheer and luminous. Next, add some depth to your complexion using our Bio Bronzer, included in the Natural Duo. Apply and blend using your fingertips or our Flat Foundation Brush. Avoid using Bio Bronzer it to define your nose or chisel cheekbones, and instead focus on areas that would naturally be kissed by the sun — perhaps just a touch of color on the top of your nose or center of your forehead is enough to help create the ethereal glow that Nontouring is known for.

The last two steps are the key to mastering your Nontour! For nontouring, we recommend using a cream blush that adds a hint of juicy color to cheeks. We love blending a pop of color into the apples of our cheeks using our Nudist Multi-Use Cream. Once your cheeks are poppin’, finish the look with our Bio Brightener Stick. Use it to highlight the areas of your face where light would naturally hit it — just under your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, on the cupids bow of your lips, and if you’re feeling adventurous, highlighter on the center of the forehead or just above the arch of the brow can also create a beautiful effect.

So, there it is, a brief introduction and tutorial on Nontouring using our new Natural Contour and Highlight Duo! Plan on giving it a go? We want to see you Nontour with our natural products! Share a photo of your look with us on Instagram by tagging @W3LLPEOPLE and #BEW3LL.

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Summer Essentials Kit

Summer Essentials with Text

The sun is sizzling and so is this new kit! Our team of makeup masterminds worked hard to curate a collection of summertime favorites just for you! The Summer Essentials Kit ($39.99 a $70 VALUE!) creates a simple but stunning look that is natural, nontoxic and created with ingredients that not only perform like complete rockstars, but also treat and nourish your skin!

We’ve taken our Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Peachy Pink, Bio Bronzer Stick, Purist 61 Blush Powder and Mini Bio Brightener Powder and wrapped all 4 products up in our Excursionist Makeup Bag a total value $70 for $39.99  limited edition kits that will be available for purchase only online or in our Austin Studio until they’re sold out!

Create our dewy summertime look by contouring your face with our Bio Bronzer Stick, blending into skin with the tips of your fingers. Then, add a pop of color to your cheeks with our Purist 61 blush powder, to wash the apples of your cheeks with a rosey summer glow that is infused with organic aloe, chamomile and green tea! Use our Bio Brightener Invisible Powder to provide invisible coverage and a radiant, soft-focus effect that blurs ?ne lines and softens skin imperfections to instantly create a naturally ?awless complexion with youthful glow.  Finish the look with our Bio Extreme Lipgloss in peachy pink, and enjoy the minty tingle as our state-of-the-art peptide technology smooths and plumps that pout! This little kit has everything you need to look perfectly flawless the entire summer.

Hustle over and grab your kit, put together this look and then show us how fierce you look by tagging us on Instagram with @W3LLPEOPLE and #BEW3LL!


Healthy Makeup Swap: Bio Bronzer

Healthy Makeup Swap: Toss the NARS Multiple Stick and replace it with W3LL PEOPLE's nontoxic Bio Bronzer!

You’ll hear a lot of celebrities, makeup artists and everyday average women proclaim that bronzer is the one product they can’t live without. Just a quick sweep of that rich brown color and the face is washed with a healthy glow. It’s so fast but so gratifying. Bronzer and mascara and I could basically survive anything, you know what I mean?

But what I can’t survive is getting up every morning and putting retinyl acetate onto my skin. Retinyl acetate is an ingredient in NARS multi-stick and it is linked to biochemical or cellular levle changes, cancer, developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and organ system toxicity. Glam, right? On it’s list of ingredients you’ll also find propylparabens, which are a known endocrine disruptor . EWG’s Skin Deep Database rates the Nars Multi Stick as a 6, and I don’t know about you, but my skin and my health deserve better.

So toss that stick to the side and make room for our Bio Bronzer Stick. It’s EWG Skin Deep rating of 2 makes me supremely happy, and I know that with ingredients such as organic aloe leaf, olive oil, green tea and vitamin E it is treating and benefiting my skin while I wear it.

Our Bio Bronzer Stick is available in one universal shade that perfectly blends into your complexion to create a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Want tips on how to master the look? Check out last week’s Summer Skin Solution blog post for pro tips from our green beauty guru, Shirley Pinkson!

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Bronzer | natural + nontoxic makeup

Bronze Goddess All Year

How to use all-natural beauty products to achieve a year-round faux glow!

As the sun starts setting earlier and earlier you can almost feel the lack of Vitamin D (sigh). While bronzer is one of those products that needs to be used correctly in order to achieve the most natural and effortless look, we totally encourage you to use it year-round to avoid the winter blues and to keep skin looking radiant.

Our line of all-natural beauty product boasts 2 bronzing products that will quickly become your go-tos when you want to fake that fresh-off-the-beach look in the middle of February. Our Bio Bronzer Stick and Bio Bronzer Powder offer color that is healthy inside and out, with ingredients like organic aloe and olive oil. These two rockstar products have been getting a lot of love on the internet as of late.

Our friends at Bare Beauty recently featured our Bio Bronzer Powder as one of their coveted products for achieving a year-round glow, saying “This product is always in my makeup bag. Need to replace your Nars Laguna bronzer? This does the trick—without the shimmer.”

How to use all-natural beauty products to achieve a year-round faux glow!

Ivanka Trump did a beautiful piece on how to fake your vacation glow, and our Green Beauty Expert, Shirley, weighed in on the products she uses to put the glow into her client’s winter-time skin.

Shirley recommends using our Bio Bronzer Stick paired with our Bio Brightener Stick to make your skin look both bronzed and luminous—the winning combination for mastering a faux vacation glow! See Shirley’s full piece with Ivanka here.

So what are you waiting for? Get your faux glow on and share a photo with us on Instagram using #NaturalWarrior!

How to use all-natural beauty products to achieve a year-round faux glow!



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