One of the best eyeliners in green beauty is now available in brown! (GMO free and Vegan!)

Our skin absorbs more than 60% of what we put on it, including creams, oils and cosmetics. We’ve becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to check labels and be conscious of what we’re applying to our body, because those products end up inside our bodies, as well. Here at W3LL PEOPLE we aim to provide our customers with products that they can feel comfortable and safe applying, especially when it comes to cosmetics that go near sensitive areas such as eyes!

Our Hypnotist Eyepencil has been a super star in the green beauty industry (it was named as an Elle Essential by Elle Magazine) and we are so happy to announce that this natural, vegan and GMO free liner is now available in a second color: brown!

One of the best eyeliners in green beauty is now available in brown! (GMO free and Vegan!)

Our Hypnotist Eyepencils are free of kohl and lead, and don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals or skin-aging adhesives that are found in most eye cosmetics. They glide on without skipping, dragging or tugging at the skin and blend smoothly with your favorite shadows.

Why try brown? Brown can be less harsh than black. It is going to be your color of choice when you are looking for delicate and subtle definition. If you have blue or green eyes, a brown eyeliner will help enhance your eyes, making their color appear brighter and more vivid.

This summer, a sultry-suede brown eye is all you need to turn the summer sizzle on. Try complimenting our Hypnotist Brown eyeliner with one of our pigment packed Elitist Eyeshadow Powders (Shirley’s personal picks are Elitist 825, 840 and 83).

Our Hypnotist Eyepencils are available in Black or Brown for $18.50.

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