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W3LL PEOPLE (well people) an uncommonly beautiful trio: Makeup Guru, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Treehugger. Together we combine the best in artistry, technology and social responsibility. We handcraft premium quality, natural and organic makeup that's sexy as sin, but pure as a saint.


The Right Way to Wear Bronzer


Want to see a wizard at work? Pour yourself another cup of coffee and then head over to Camille Styles to watch our green guru, Shirley Pinkson, create two custom looks for contributing writer Tara Thompson Rasmus!

Shirley shares all of her expert tips for mastering bronzer along with two tutorials for complete beauty looks, transforming Tara’s polished daytime look into something more dramatic for the evening. Shirley uses only our natural, nontoxic, plant-based cosmetics to complete the stunning transformations, and if you look closely you just might spy some new products, coming soon from W3LL PEOPLE (one of them is already live on our website, check it out!).

Find the full article, The Right Way to Wear Bronzer, from Day to Night, at Camille Styles and #BEW3LL!


W3LL PEOPLE Studio in Austin, Texas


It’s an honor to say that W3LL PEOPLE is available coast to coast, at hundred of independent stockists, who we cherish, and also through national retailers such as Target and Whole Foods. However, our heart is in Austin, Texas, where we first set up shop, and still have roots with our W3LL PEOPLE Studio!

You’ll find our beautiful oasis of green, clean beauty at Domain Northside. As you enter the space, natural light pours in, the grounding scent of a nontoxic charcoal candle fills the air, and you are welcomed by our knowledgeable, passionate, above-and-beyond team of Green Beauty Pros.

While we celebrate our 10 year anniversary this month, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to our W3LL PEOPLE Studio, the high-quality products we carry there, and the incredible team of people who are the very heart and soul of our W3LL PEOPLE team.

As part of the celebration we are offering you 10% off + FREE SHIPPING on all orders through the end of the month. That includes purchases made in Studio or over the phone (1-800-790-1563, Ext.1), so read through below to hear from this incredible team, learn about their favorite products, and then stop in or reach out to them to arrange your #GreenBeautyHaul!


We first opened our doors in Austin back in 2008, and we’re honored that we can still call Austin home and serve the community back where it all began. Nowadays you’ll find us at our beautiful, upgraded space at Domain Northside (11624 Rock Rose Avenue, Suite 100).

In the W3LL PEOPLE Studio we carry a curated collection of more than 50 brands that meet our high standards for ingredients and efficacy. Our team thoroughly reviews and approves of each of these brands personally. If it isn’t something we’d recommend to our best friend, it doesn’t make it onto our shelves!

You can find a full list of the brands carried in Studio by clicking here.

We also offer services and host events at the studio. Stop in to enjoy one-on-one makeup application lessons or learn new skills at one of our master classes taught my one of our pros. You can also book an appointment for life’s big events, using the best high performance, toxin-free products available! Our certified, professional staff will take incredible care of you. You can reserve your appointment by calling 512.379.2588, Ext.1 or emailing

You can also join us for Events, such as Ladies Night (every Thursday) and special, in-store events with some of our favorite Green Beauty Innovators. You can keep tabs on upcoming events by checking our Events Page.

Our door is open 10-7 Monday-Saturday and Sundays 12-6, and our Green Beauty Pros would love to treat you to some Green Beauty TLC while you are in Austin! Stop by and say hello to our team!



Our Austin Team is led by our Studio Director, Jess Serna, who leads by example with a passion for nontoxic living, a positive energy that knows no bounds, and a wealth of knowledge that she willingly shares. We invited Jess and a few of our other Green Beauty Pros to answer a few quick questions to help you get to know them!

Name: Jess, Studio Director

1. What is the one W3LL PEOPLE product you can’t live without?

I’m OBSESSED with W3LL PEOPLE’s Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick #11 Nude Peach! I feel like Shirley created this shade especially for me. It’s is my signature cheek color and I literally wear it every day.

2. Why are you passionate about clean beauty?

I’m a Licensed Esthetician and made a conscious decision years ago make the switch to clean beauty — and I’m so happy I did. I was pretty fed up with all of the crap that’s in conventional beauty products. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m putting clean, natural ingredients on my skin that won’t harm myself or the environment!

3. Aside from WP, what is your favorite line carried in the Studio and why?

Eek, I really can’t pick just one — I LOVE every line we carry at the studio! I will tell you that we brought in a couple of new brands that I’ve been really digging — CANNUKA and Raw Elements. CANNUKA’s skincare products contain CBD + Manuka Honey and feel amazing. Raw Elements SPF products are chemical-free, reef safe and don’t sting your eyes when you sweat.

4. What is something you do to make yourself feel W3LL?

You’ll often find me at SoulCycle — I love to dance and sweat on a bike that goes no where! ADDICTED.

Name: Ali, Assistant Manager

1. What is the one W3LL PEOPLE product you can’t live without?

Definitely the Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer with SPF 30!!!! It not only feels like I am wearing nothing, but it also gives great coverage.

2. Why are you passionate about clean beauty?

Making the switch to clean beauty wasn’t even a question! I have always had sensitivity to dimethicone and silicones. When I worked for another cosmetics company, I was told I couldn’t be sensitive to those ingredients. When I found out clean beauty products didn’t contain those nasty ingredients, I knew clean beauty was for me!

3. Aside from WP, what is your favorite line carried in the Studio and why?

This is a hard question! If I had to pick one, I would have to say May Lindstrom. I love that the line uses food grade ingredients. I also love how particular May is with her ingredients and how they’re sourced. There is something for everyone and the packaging is beautiful!

4. What is something you do to make yourself feel W3LL?

The best way for me to recharge my energy is go to the beach — Ocean City, Maryland! I love the ocean and being near family.

Name: Alexis, Green Beauty Pro

1. What is the one W3LL PEOPLE product you can’t live without?

The Narcissist Foundation Stick! It gives just the right amount of coverage while making my skin look radiant.

2. Why are you passionate about clean beauty?

Battling my own skin issues made me research the products and ingredients I was putting on my skin. It blows my mind just how many toxic ingredients are in our every day products.

3. Aside from WP, what is your favorite line carried in the Studio and why?

We carry so many amazing lines! Picking a favorite is not easy. Marie Veronique would be at the top of my list. Her products work very well with my skin and I’ve truly seen a huge difference since using her line.

4. What is something you do to make yourself feel W3LL?

Spending time with friends and family always does the trick. Also, a little retail therapy always makes me feel W3LL!

Name: Kana, Green Beauty Pro

1. What is the one W3LL PEOPLE product you can’t live without?

I could not live without my Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer with SPF 30! For one, it helps smooth out my skin and two, it is one of the only foundations that doesn’t break me out! Plus I get sun protection. Wouldn’t go a day without it! Love love love!

2. Why are you passionate about clean beauty?

I love to help people and helping others looking for a healthier way of living has become a passion of mine. It feels more meaningful to me to use clean beauty on clients while making them feel pretty at the same time.

3. Aside from WP, what is your favorite line carried in the Studio and why?

That’s a tough one. But if I had to narrow it down, I would have to say Marie Veronique. Her skincare products has helped so many people such as myself with various skincare issues. She is all about healing and protecting the skin. Her products are a game changer.

4. What is something you do to make yourself feel W3LL?

I love to go hiking and finding new trails with my pup. It’s my own state of meditation and can be a great light workout! This is what helps me reboot myself for the week. We also like to go paddle boarding once in awhile.

Name: Nhung, Green Beauty Pro

1. What is the one W3LL PEOPLE product you can’t live without?

Picking just one favorite is tough, but I can’t live without the Bio Brightener Stick! I wear this every day (even to the gym!) for an all-over healthy glow. I’m known at the W3LL PEOPLE Studio for my highlight!

2. Why are you passionate about clean beauty?

I am passionate about clean beauty because when it comes to your health, I think it’s important to choose clean products to put on your skin. When I was in school for Nursing, I learned a lot about our skin physiology and your skin absorbs 60% of everything you put on it!

3. Aside from WP, what is your favorite line carried in the Studio and why?

Other than W3LL PEOPLE, my favorite line carried in the store is Tata Harper Skincare. When shopping for skincare, I’m normally drawn to skincare that helps to brighten my skin, so I love her Regenerating Cleanser for daily exfoliation and then follow up with her Illuminating Moisturizer and Illuminating Eye Cream. (You can see there is a GLOW theme here!)

4. What is something you do to make yourself feel W3LL?

To help with stress and anxiety, I make time everyday to meditate (even for 5 minutes). It helps me take things as they are, acknowledges what is in the present, and experience deep inner peace.

Q+A with the Founders of W3LL PEOPLE


We still can’t believe that this month marks our 10 Year Anniversary! There’s no denying that green beauty is here to stay, and our founders have gotten front row seats to this revolution, so we sat down and picked their brains about their favorite moments and best pieces of advice after a decade in the industry!

See below for our Q+A Session with W3LL PEOPLE co-founders, James, Renee, and Shirley, and help us celebrate by enjoying 10% off + Free Shipping on all full-size, full-price W3LL PEOPLE products online and in-store through the end of the month! 
Q: What is your best memory from the early days of W3LL PEOPLE?

James: The three months just before, and after, we opened the Studio. The concept was so young, unknown, exhilarating, scary. No supply chain logistic challenges to solve yet. No investors. No inventory forecasts to fret about. Just big ideas and some beautiful intentions. Back then we really had no office space. So Shirley and I would go to the Whole Foods Flagship on Lamar for “meetings.” We’d have quiet little dinners at the seafood bar in the far back of the store with folks shopping for their organic goodies sifting around us. We had wine, dreams, and tacos. Anything was possible. And it still is.

Renee: Having our families at the opening of our flagship store in Austin, Texas was a wonderful memory. Also, traveling abroad with James and Shirley has been such a bonding experience. Most fun memory is of the opening of W3LL PEOPLE in ‘& other stories’ in London.

Shirley: Honestly, everything leading up to June 28, 2008 (the day we opened the doors to our first W3LL PEOPLE Studio in Austin, Texas). James, Renee and I were driven, challenged and inspired to do good, and we were going to do it our way. You see, we are 3 friends from college with an unbreakable bond on a mission. Every late night planning, designing, and crunching numbers was made of the stuff all dreams should be made of: partnership, friendship, and positivity. Did you know that we hand poured most of W3LL PEOPLE’s makeup out of the Austin store? We’d pour makeup whenever we could to meet the following day’s sales. Late nights and early mornings in the Studio was never a chore. Nothing felt more right.

Initially, I ran the day to day business at the Studio on my own. I still carry the time I spent with our first customers close to me today.

I look back at my long after work walks around Lady Bird Lake and smile.

What do you think is a secret to W3LL PEOPLE’s success?

James: Our unique, integrated approach to beauty. Three beautiful minds are better than one; especially when they include extraordinary talents in cross-disciplinary fields that compliment one another. Basically, we’re a triple threat that can’t be stopped.

Renee: It’s definitely our friendship, but I look back and realize that the support and encouragement from family and friends has continued to fuel the project and dream. The journey to opening up a business is hard, to keep it moving forward is a passion.

Shirley: We built our brand with a bond that will exceed its lifetime. James, Renee and I have shared tremendous growth, challenges and, at times, heartache. We’ve been there for each other. And this is what fuels all that we have done and continue to do.

Any tips for going into business with friends?

James: Be calm, kind and generous with yourself. Pass it on.

Renee: Communication. Stay respectful and don’t ever be reactionary. There is no tone in text messages or emails and it’s easy to be curt and short when you’re rushed in a busy day. We all respect each other and that has fueled our friendships.

Shirley: Never lose sight of what brought you together in the first place. Be honest. Have a plan. Strategize your shared talents and put each one to work. As success and business begin to grow, always make a point to schedule time together outside of the workspace. 

Q: What has been the greatest surprise in the past ten years?

James: Ha! How profoundly difficult it is to run a natural beauty brand. Hmm. Maybe the biggest surprise is how right we were. The world needs W3LL PEOPLE. W3LL PEOPLE needs the world.

Renee: How well green beauty is growing. Our product line continues to succeed in Whole Foods and Target.

Shirley: That after 10 years we are still going… and we are better than ever.

Q: Why is green/non-toxic beauty important to you?

James: Hmm. If I’m being honest, there’s a little David vs. Goliath syndrome at play. The work of “taking on the man” and helping clean up the crap in the conventional beauty industry is definitely a huge challenge. And I love a good challenge.

Renee: What we put on our bodies makes a long-term difference on the appearance of our skin and our overall health.

Shirley: It’s the right thing to do. Period.

Q: What makes you passionate about your work?

James: On one level the simple answer is women. Helping inspire a confident grin on a woman who’s seeking to engage with life in a more mindful way… maybe a swipe of our mascara on a rushed, weekday morning helps her “gear up” to face the world with some turbo power. It’s like, wow! I get to be a part of THAT?! It’s not like we’re performing surgery, but we are touching people in a real way. That’s pretty cool. And the fact that I get to create moments like that with a team and business partners whom I deeply admire makes it even more of a true blessing.

Renee: Seeing results in the products made and being able to utilize organic aloe and other essential oils excites me. I’m so pleased with our product line, I think it’s the best.

Shirley: Every person I touch makes me passionate about what I do.
james-must-have renee-must-haveshirley-must-have
Q: What is the ONE WP product you can’t live without?

James: Our Bio Tint Multi-action Moisturizer with SPF 30. We spent five painstaking years to develop this all-in-one natural wonder. We became obsessed with creating a clean BB cream with a luxurious texture, semi-matte payoff, legit coverage, pure zinc sun protection, and an age-defying cocktail of organic botanicals, herbs, and adaptogens that would make any beauty junkie swoon. And we actually did it. Boom.

Renee: Our award-winning Expressionist Mascara. I can use it on my eyelashes and I dab a bit on my eyebrows to fill them in. This instantly wakes up my eyes.

Shirley: Nudist Multi-use Stick in Nude Rose. Gotta have my blush!

Q: What about W3LL PEOPLE makes you the proudest?

James: Gosh. That may be the toughest question. I participated in a clean beauty forum recently with Credo and EWG. I asked if we had any W3LL PEOPLE women in the audience loving the brand. I got a cheering ovation. I felt incredulous and pretty darn proud.

Renee: I’m clearly going to say the product line, but I realize that I am lucky and blessed to have found two wonderful people to share this remarkable journey with.

Shirley: Our commitment to evolve and grow. We are consistently challenging ourselves to be better.

Q: What is your biggest dream for the future of W3LL PEOPLE?

James: Using the success we have gained as a brand to take it to the next level. In a weird way that means going back to that simple place where anything is possible. And now we have resources to make those new ideas possible. That excites me. So better buckle up, cuz I’m ready to take W3LL PEOPLE on a bumpy beautiful ride.

Renee: I’m excited to see the company continue to grow and continue to innovate in the world of clean beauty.

Shirley: Ultimate accessibility. For everyone.

Q: What’s your greatest hope for the future of Green Beauty?

James: That Green Beauty simply becomes Beauty. This is already happening.

Renee: That more people will begin to understand and realize the toxic load of chemicals to the body with repeated use of common products that contain harmful chemicals. It’s important to begin to understand that the choices of what to put IN our body are as important as what we put ON our bodies.

Shirley: That Green beauty is ALL beauty.

Q: Aside from clean beauty products, what else makes you feel W3LL?

James: When I’m mostly quiet and feel dialed into my true self. JAMES = W3LL. Most likely simply sitting on my front porch listening to the neighborhood with my dogs, or taking a hike in the foothills of my ranch just north of Santa Fe.

Renee: I am grounded by my family and my friends who support us as a team. They nourish my soul.

Shirley: Time with my beautiful wife and son.

Doesn’t reading this just make you love this trio even more? Our entire team is so inspired by them daily, and thankful to be led by people who are filled with good intentions and positive vibes. Thank you for reading, and for helping us continue to celebrate! Check out our recent blog post, 10 Years of Being W3LL, for more about our anniversary.

10 Years of Being W3LL


The “3” in W3LL PEOPLE represents the beauty brand’s three founders—a unique trio made up of an elite makeup artist, a board certified dermatologist, and a tree-hugging entrepreneur who joined forces to change the beauty biz for the better.

Let us set the scene for you. The new millennium has arrived. James Walker has moved back to Austin, TX from Manhattan to start up a strategic marketing firm focused on the new cultural zeitgeist: sustainable living. You may have heard about one of his first Texas clients making big waves in wellness: Whole Foods Market. In the process of getting smarter about ingredient health and safety for Whole Foods, James listened to discerning customers seeking healthier choices, particularly in beauty. It quickly became apparent that the natural beauty playing field was lackluster…at best.

The information James learned in his research regarding common ingredients going into conventional personal care products was disturbing. This revelation regarding the ugly side of beauty, amplified by the lack of any real government oversight, compelled James. And a big, beautiful idea was born. Imagine a cosmetic line with all the sex appeal and performance of conventional brands, but with authentic quality and virtuous intentions.

James quickly enlisted the support of his two besties from college, Shirley Pinkson and Renee Snyder. Now the trio consisted of an eco-friendly marketing expert, a celebrity makeup artist who was conducting global training for the cosmetic giant, NARS, and Renee Snyder, MD, a board certified dermatologist with A-list clientele and a finger on the pulse of cutting-edge dermatological research. This beauty dream team knew that they had the education, experience, and credentials to make beautiful things happen, but they also knew that developing products that would meet their high standards for ingredients, environmental impact, and performance would be a challenge. And boy were they right.

The ambitious trio found that the ‘good for you’ cosmetics available in health stores left a lot to be desired. A beautiful ingredient story does not always deliver performance that can go toe-to-toe with its conventional competitors. After two years of painstaking research, countless hours in development, and investing virtually their entire savings, these three soon-to-be green beauty innovators launched their very own beauty brand in 2008. And that, my friends, is the story of how W3LL PEOPLE was born!


Fast forward to July, 2008, and James, Renee, and Shirley are standing in front of the doors to W3LL PEOPLE’s first flagship store in Austin, Texas, about to unleash a new era of green beauty, one in which performance isn’t sacrificed for clean ingredients, and high-quality, luxurious products come without the health risks of conventional products. Their initial collection is small, but the impact of their healthy, multi-tasking products is immediate. Austin fell in love with  W3LL PEOPLE and knew they could trust the products to not only be safe, but to perform.  James, Shirley, and Renee couldn’t have anticipated back then that the three of them would be at the forefront of a revolution that would turn the beauty industry upside down.

Now we find ourselves in 2018, celebrating W3LL PEOPLE’s 10 Year Anniversary. Suffice to say, our green beauty dream team has come a long way since their days at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!). Today, you’ll find W3LL PEOPLE’s expansive collection of innovative cosmetics coast to coast, sitting on the shelves of prestigious stockists like Anthropologie, Credo and Detox Market, national giants like Target and Whole Foods, and in their own gallery-like Studio in Austin, Texas. At their central headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the W3LL PEOPLE team is developing powerful, non-toxic products with beautiful pigments, long-lasting wear, and organic plant-based formulas that their toxic competition can’t hold a fragrance-free soy candle to. We can’t wait to share more exciting innovations with you this year!

The past decade has been quite the trip, and the best is yet to come! We want to thank you, our fans and informed consumers, for all of your support. Please enjoy 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on all orders through the month of July! No code required. If you’re curious why so many people love us, check out the 7 Reasons So Many Women Switch to W3LL PEOPLE. Keep an eye on our blog and social media feeds for peeks at the past, interviews with our team, and some sneak peeks at new W3LL PEOPLE products!

3 Steps to Flawless Coverage


Your time is precious and so is your counterspace. You have things to do and people to see and you need a morning routine that is fuss-free and fool-proof. Want to know how we achieve Flawless Coverage in Three Easy Steps using our nontoxic, all-natural cosmetics?

W3LL PEOPLE's plant-based, non-toxic Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer

Prime, Perfect and Protect – Your skin is going to love the multi-tasking benefits of our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer. Simply blend 2-3 drops of our Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer into skin to help even your skin tone, prime the skin for foundation, and add a layer of SPF 30 environmental protection. Bio Tint uses organic coconut oil, ginseng and algae to nourish skin and broccoli seed oil to smooth and prime your skin.

W3LL PEOPLE'S non-toxic, plant-based Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer

Cover, Conceal and Correct – Our Bio-Correct Multi-Action Concealer is your secret weapon! Bio Correct provides instant and long-lasting coverage for existing blemishes, dark circles or hyper-pigmentation, while also depuffing, brightening and improving skin with a robust cocktail of organic algae, coffee, pomegranate and anti-aging peptides! Tap the whipped mousse formula into under eyes, onto sunspot and over any redness or discoloration for coverage that both covers and works to correct.  
W3LL PEOPLE'S non-toxic and plant-based Bio Brightener Invisible Powder

Buff, Beautify and Brighten – Finish by quickly buffing a light layer of our Bio Brightener Invisible Powder over your entire face using small, circular motions and a Kabuki Brush. The crushed freshwater pearl powder in our Bio Brightener Invisible Powder melts naturally into skin, creating a soft-focus finish that minimizes pores and softens fine lines while also helping create a naturally luminous glow.

W3LL PEOPLE's 7-in-1, plant-based, vegan, non-toxic Bio Booster Facial Serum

Hydrate, Heal and Highlight –  Want to work some plant-based skincare into this get-up and glow morning routine? Simply press 2-3 drops of our Bio Booster Facial Serum into skin either before or after finishing the above steps. Applying it first will help wake skin up, prime it and allow the serum to combine with the Bio Tint for a semi-sheer serum foundation. Pressing the oil into skin as a final step will help add a beautiful glow and finish to the overall look. Bio Booster has a powerful 7-in-1 botanical formula that is loaded with good-for-you ingredients that your skin will love, such as turmeric, sea buckthorn, rose hip, pomegranate, algae, jojoba, macadamia oil, olive oil, broccoli and carrot seed oils and more! 

These three products are all you need to achieve a smooth, glowing complexion in minutes, while simultaneously providing your skin with nourishing hydration and SPF 30 protection that will shield your skin from environmental stressors throughout the day. Head to our website to shop these classics and BE W3LL!



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