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W3LL PEOPLE (well people) an uncommonly beautiful trio: Makeup Guru, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Treehugger. Together we combine the best in artistry, technology and social responsibility. We handcraft premium quality, natural and organic makeup that's sexy as sin, but pure as a saint.


W3LL PEOPLE is now available for purchase online!

W3LL Universalist, Nudist, Optimist, and Paganist for your toxin free lifestyle
W3LL Universalist, Nudist, Optimist, and Paganist for your toxin free lifestyle

W3LL PEOPLE is proud to announce that all products can now be purchased online through theirwebsite. Check out the nifty Auto Replenish function, which allows you to automatically refill your favorite products.

Loyal W3LL PEOPLE fans already know that the site is a great information source for toxin-free beauty, including the W3LL PEOPLE Philosophy that explains our commitment to creating cosmetics that are all natural, luxurious, and eco-luxe. Show your support for toxin-free beauty by visiting our site and purchasing one of our best selling products!

Go Green. Go Gorgeous. Go Online!

W3LL Narcissist is Gorgeously Green!

Narcissist Mineral Foundation Stick
Narcissist Mineral Foundation Stick

Hot on the heels of our first anniversary, W3LL PEOPLE is proud to unveil the Narcissist Mineral Creme Foundation Stick, the latest addition to the Karmic Beauty Collection.

Narcissist is full of skin enriching ingredients such as pomegranate, reishi mushroom, and bayberry. But let’s take a moment to talk about what’s NOT in the Narcissist stick. Narcissist, much like the entire W3LL PEOPLE Line, is free of parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, PEGS, phthalates, sulfates, and other toxic, yucky ingredients that don’t belong anywhere near your face or body.

For those of us that want precise, controlled coverage in their makeup, Narcissist is a godsend. Combined with the Universalist stick, you can create a naturally gorgeous look in minutes, with the added peace of mind that comes with W3LL PEOPLE’s toxin-free philosophy.

And speaking of gorgeous, Sophie Ulano and her website, Gorgeously Green, just scooped the Narcissist stick as one of her “Fresh Picks”. Sophie’s mission is to promote the benefits of living eco-friendly in all aspects of life, one of which is through beauty products. W3LL PEOPLE and Gorgeously Green definitely see eye to eye when it comes to eco-friendly, sustainable living, and it is truly an honor to receive her seal of approval, not once but twice!

Visit our flagship store in Austin to see which shade of Narcissist fits you best. And if you’re outside of the Austin city limits, don’t fret! W3LL PEOPLE products will be available for purchase online very soon!

W3LL Arrival: Susanne Lang

Susanne Lang believes that fragrance is a personal experience and should be unique to each individual. Scent is the greatest trigger of memories, therefore shouldn’t yours be original to you? Beauty is most alluring when it is subtle, the same goes for fragrance. Susanne Lang uses only the purest oils and complimentary scents to create fragrances tailored to each individual’s style and personality. She created the Layers collection so every woman can blend and layer these scents in endless ways until she finds her own.

Picture 1

Be Supernatural. Flawless Naturalist Mineral Foundation Application Tips.

Getting used to loose mineral foundation takes some practice. Below are some simple suggestions to achieve ecobeauty perfection with the W3LL Cosmetic.

1. Remove the cap from your Naturalist mineral foundation. Using your kabuki brush, dip the tip into the mineral powder. Work gently, and use silver dollar amounts at a time.

2. Tap off excess, or you will be wasting product and possibly end up with poor application… and a bit of a mess 🙂 Work the powder into the cap, truly allowing the foundation to settle into the brush.

3. Using downward strokes, apply the powder to the complexion. Repeat this process until you have the coverage you like. *our facial ‘peach fuzz’ grows down. Let’s not go against the grain! …for once.

Bring a W3LL Tonic into the mix for a ‘liquid’ sheer finish:

1. Lightly spritz face with your W3LL Tonic after you’ve tapped excess product from brush before you apply product to skin.

2. Spritz complexion once more upon completion to seal the look.

Create your own supernatural cream finish:

Try mixing a few drops of your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen in with your powder. If you want a thin coverage like a liquid makeup use less powder. If you want a thick foundation like a pan makeup then add more powder to the moisturizer, the more powder you add the thicker the foundation.

What you will not find at W3LL.

You have finally made the natural switch to mineral make up. You have worn conventional foundation for years without an issue, so why would you expect one from your new mindful mineral foundation?
Yet, you are. Your skin has gone red, bumpy, and is breaking out. What is the problem?

The culprit is most likely Bismuth Oxychloride. This ingredient is commonly used in conventional make up, but is found in high concentrations in mineral make up. Mineral make up is free of fillers such as mineral oils, talc, parabens and petroleum by products. You aren’t left with much to target as a source of irritation.
Then why use it? Bismuth Oxychloride delivers a ‘slip’ and luster to powder formulated cosmetics. It also helps product adhere to the skin.
Bismuth oxychloride is a product that is FDA approved for use in products for the face, eyes, lips and nails… BUT, according the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for bismuth oxychloride, there is a risk of it being a potential irritant to humans when it comes in contact with the skin or eyes. Most of the bismuth produced in the USA is as a by-product from refining lead ores… Hmmmm. It is made safe by a process of chlorination.

You will not find Bismuth Oxychloride in any of the W3LL Cosmetic offering… yet another reason why your skin is safe here. We choose to use skin loving silk, silica or serecite combined with an antioxidant boost that includes reishi mushroom, pomegranate and green tea.



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