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W3LL PEOPLE (well people) an uncommonly beautiful trio: Makeup Guru, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Treehugger. Together we combine the best in artistry, technology and social responsibility. We handcraft premium quality, natural and organic makeup that's sexy as sin, but pure as a saint.


W3LL PEOPLE + Organic Beauty View

W3LL PEOPLE received another rave review, this time by Organic Beauty View.

The review, “Travel Pretty with W3LL PEOPLE” highlights the durability of the Karmic Collection, perfect for regular touch-ups throughout the day:

Jolene Hart writes: “Of course, touch-ups are important…which is where the W3LL PEOPLE line comes in. This collection of super-durable, multi-purpose natural makeup is made for travel.” Jolene also raves about the natural ingredients contained in the W3LL people line, like grapeseed oil, passionfruit, and coconut oil.

Click here for the entire review. And click here to get your own stash of multi-purpose all natural beauty.

Be W3LL!

W3LL PEOPLE Pop Up Shop @ Blackmail Boutique: Sunday, Dec. 20

Fashion and makeup go hand in hand for the holidays.
This Sunday W3LL PEOPLE will be at Blackmail Boutique , a true Austin Fashion icon. We will be creating angelic glow with our luxury, organic Karmic Cosmetic Collection all day long. You’ll receive free makeup and style makeovers that could make Santa blush. So come join in the festivities – over cocktails. 🙂
BLACKMAIL. 1202 SOUTH CONGRESS AVE. AUSTIN, TEXAS 78704. (512) 326-7670.

W3LL PEOPLE Shines Bright in Nylon Magazine

W3LL PEOPLE organic cosmetics was recently touted as one of the cool “inventions” to come out of Austin, TX by Nylon’s Holly Siegel. “Texas home grown organic cosmetic line is bursting with bright colors and genius stick foundations”Nylon Cover Jan

W3LL PEOPLE Featured by W Magazine: 1 of the 6 best makeup brands you’ve never heard of

W Magazine November 09Jamie Rosen, W Beauty Editor, recently praised W3LL PEOPLE as the “playful” newcomer of the best new makeup brands. Read the full article below:

If makeup companies were movies, with brands like Estee Lauder and Lancôme taking center stage as the blockbusters, these six lines would be the independents of the bunch. Little-seen but much beloved by in-the-know fans and critics (in this case, beauty editors), they all have a distinct point of view. It should come as no surprise that each of these six was started by a woman.

W3LL People: The playful newcomer of the bunch, this line is for anyone who’s into simplification, ease and eco. The line contains none of the nasties (parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates), plus all the packaging materials are recycled. The Universalist Multi-Use Color is the makeup equivalent of finger food—a balm-like stick that can be applied all over lips, cheeks and even eyelids for a fresh, outdoorsy glow.
By Jamie Rosen

W3LL PEOPLE Supernatural Cosmetics make the Cut.

New York Magazine : Fashion News


New Yorkers may not be familiar with the makeup brand W3ll People (pronounced Well People) just yet, but when they make their debut in one of the biggest department stores come spring, you will. Cosmetic dermatologist Renée Snyder, former NARS makeup artist Shirley Pinkson, and self-proclaimed tree hugger James Walker banded together to create a line of organic cosmetics that not only come in amazing shades and have great texture, but also happen to be toxin-free. One of the superstars of the line is the Universalist ($33), a richly pigmented stick (available in eight colors) that can work on the eyes, cheeks, as well as lips. Anyone with acne or oil-prone skin can attest that most multipurpose sticks cause breakouts reminiscent of your awkward high-school years, while mineral makeup seems to slide off after about five minutes and is extremely messy. But this dynamic trio managed to balance form and function perfectly, so even cynical divas like us fall in love.



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