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W3LL PEOPLE (well people) an uncommonly beautiful trio: Makeup Guru, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Treehugger. Together we combine the best in artistry, technology and social responsibility. We handcraft premium quality, natural and organic makeup that's sexy as sin, but pure as a saint.


Abigail Spencer Loves W3LL PEOPLE!

Abigail Spencer @ Cirque du Tacori event, October 12 2010

Abigail Spencer @ Cirque du Tacori event, October 12 2010


Proof Positive: Actress Abigail Spencer showed off quite the starry glow at a recent Cirque du Tacori event among fellow fashionistas visiting the Viceroy in Los Angeles. The paparazzi friendly looks are courtesy W3LL PEOPLE Eco-Artist, Phoebe Ogan.

Want the look?  Here’s the W3LL PEOPLE supernatural formula:

FACE :   Altruist  #12, Narcissist #2, Hedonist #52
EYES:      Elitist #89, #83, #86, #825
CHEEKS :   Luminist #55, #56 over Universalist #1
LIPS:       Paganist on top of Nudist #1 and Universalist #6 mixed

As you can see, the eco-rific permutations are endless.

Abigail Spencer @ Cirque du Tacori event, October 12 2010

Abigail Spencer @ Cirque du Tacori event, October 12 2010

Be W3LL!

Natural Lover Makeup Event @ Henri Bendels

Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel

Where: Henri Bendel, 5th Avenue NYC

When: Monday, October 18th-Saturday, October 30th

W3LL PEOPLE eco-artists are taking over Manhattan during a marathon two week beauty event at Henri Bendel on 5th Ave. NYC. Come check out the new luxurious color trends we’re debuting for Fall and Winter. All using 100% natural and organic ingredients – NO creepy chemicals, or bad mojo allowed!

FREE Optimist Supernatural Balm with W3LL PEOPLE purchase of $75. Soothe stressed skin with Organic Shea Butter, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pomegranate.

• Eco-artists will be creating clean winter looks, naturally
• Fresh, 100% natural cocktails provided by RIPE (Sat., Oct. 23rd)
• Daily giveaway prizes of full sized makeup kit

No More Dirty Looks loves W3LL PEOPLE!


W3LL PEOPLE and the writers of critically acclaimed green guide No More Dirty Looks have a common goal of eliminating toxic chemicals in conventional cosmetics. The book does a fantastic job of raising awareness, and even goes a step further by offering real solutions and alternatives.

We are happy to say that W3LL PEOPLE is featured as a toxin free, all natural cosmetic line that fits the bill of clean, green living.

This book is packed with helpful information on how to live a clean, toxin free lifestyle from top to bottom and we’re huge fans already. Show your support by purchasing a copy of the book, becoming a fan of their Facebook page, and continuing to vote with your dollars by buying eco-luscious W3LL PEOPLE cosmetics 🙂

Be W3LL!

W3LL PEOPLE 3 for 3 Henri Bendel Event


Dr. Renee Snyder, Skin Doctor


Shirley Pinkson, Makeup Guru

James Walker, Treehugger

James Walker, Treehugger

Manhattanites, come find your inner Hippie, and flaunt it like a Diva.

W3LL PEOPLE is at Henri Bendel NYC all week long, debuting new Universalist Multi-Use Color Stick #9, a shimmery gold, and Optimist Supernatural Lip Balm.

Enjoy tons of natural goodies, courtesy of some very special friends. RIPE is providing complimentary, organic cocktails and Functionalab is providing rejuvenating beauty tonics.

The authors of the upcoming green beauty guide No More Dirty Looks will be on hand with tons of advice on clean beauty.

Thursday, June 24 to Saturday, June 26th is the “3 for 3” event, with all 3 W3LL PEOPLE co-founders–Dr. Renee Snyder, James Walker, and Shirley Pinkson–available with beauty tips and overall good vibes.

Be W3LL!

W3LL PEOPLE in NYC: Natural Lover Event @ Henri Bendel




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